For - Get - Me - Nots 


On September 25, 2017 I turned 25 years old, my golden birthday, and truly it was just that- Surrounded by so much love, I am truly blessed to have made it this far. I'm thankful for all the opportunities God has given me and I've learned so much along the way. Over the last couple of years, I've worked with some incredible artist and during that time I added my extra sauce to their music. Some things made the cut, some didn't, but I thought this would be the perfect time to dust these gems off and throw them in a mix and reminisce on the journey. This year is going to be hard to top but i'm up for the challenge. Thanks mom for life. These are the For - Get - Me - Nots.

Myosotis, better known as the ForGetMeNot flower, has been said to be a symbol of true love. It is given with the hope that the recipient will not forget the giver. Throughout the many tales of the origin of its name, the flower still remains unforgettable and just like the Myosotis, I intend to be remembered. My purpose is to share the gifts that god has given me with the world and use my opportunities to create better ones for others. To inspire, To grow, To DO BETTER. If I can leave you with one"'word" it would simply be to spread love. Give your flowers to the world and believe in yourself. Don't let the world forget you. 

Mask OFf


Teddy Jackson - Mask Off - Freestyle 

There is a common misconception that women must be dolled up to be beautiful. Instead of respecting and uplifting women in their natural state, media markets a standard of beauty thats completely unrealistic. Women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and while everyone can appreciate the art of perfectly contoured face, its important that we acknowledge the standard that is God's most beautiful creation- The Natural Woman. 


Too Fly Not To Fly 


"The Flyest Singalong"

Inspired by the alphabet photo-book "Too Fly Not To Fly", this singalong serves as a learning tool for children all over the world. Teddy Jackson enlists Chicago affiliates Erica René, Jean Deaux, Smino, and Cam Obi to bring each page from the book to life through song. - As we invite everyone to singalong, grab your books and join us as we fly. For more information please visit


The Flyest Lyrics



Despite it being the key ingredient to a perfect meal, it's the root to our happiness. You can have the finest things in life but it doesn't mean anything without family, love, laughter, and pain; that Extra Sauce! 


  • Mixed by Elton (Classick Studios) , Teddy (Bear Cave)
  • Producers: Teddy Jackson, Kun of ABY, abillionyoung, Daniel Robbins
  • Vocalists: Teddy Jackson, Kyciana "AJ Peace" Brown, Demetruis Spidle, Roy French, Erica Nwachucku, Akenya Seymour, Kun, Talent.
  • Writers: Teddy Jackson, Demetruis Spidle, Kyciana "AJ Peace" Brown


September 25, 1992

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I was Born...